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October 15, 2008 News
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voxel images
Three-dimensional voxel images for A) all regions of interest and B) cortical bone voxels only.

George Tabatadze, M.S., a Ph.D. candidate in the Idaho State University (ISU)/USTUR Internal Dosimetry Research Group, with the help of medical physicists at the Portneuf Medical Center, Pocatello, ID, has successfully created 3-dimensional voxel images of the regions of interest in the DOE Case 0102 241Am head phantom. He used the complete set of contiguous 2-dimensional CT-scan slice (Dicom) images published on the USTUR web site.

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July 7-17, 2008 News
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USTUR staff conducted a workshop at Idaho State University (ISU), July 7-9, 2008, and attended the presentations and successful defenses of Naz Fallahian’s doctoral dissertation and Liesl Germann’s master’s thesis.

>>Learn more about this Graduate Research Workshop and USTUR/ISU collaboration.

Sergei Tolmachev and Stacey McCord attended the 53rd Annual Health Physics Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, July 13-17, 2008, where Ms. McCord gave an oral presentation on upgrading the internal USTUR health physics database. ISU students, Naz Fallahian, George Tabatadze, and Liesl Germann also presented their research at the meeting.

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January 15, 2008 News
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The USTUR has added a 'Conference Contributions' link to its homepage. This static link provides easy access to recent USTUR conference contributions and is located between the 'Graduate Projects' and 'Publications' links below the flashing image.

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 The 'Conferene Contributions' link (circled in red) is located below the flashing image on the homepage.

   link arrowsVisit the new 'Conference Contribuitions' page.


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