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De-identified USTUR pathology data are available for download as an M.S. Access database that contains ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 codes for underlying causes of death and up to seven contributing causes of death per registrant case.  These seven contributing causes are listed in order of severity, where a relation code of 1 identifies the most severe condition and 7 the least severe condition. 

Use of Data Published in the USTUR Pathology database

To use or refer to the pathology database published on the USTUR web site, please cite:

USTUR Pathology Database, <<insert version number, found on upper left of Main Pathology form>>.  United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries. Washington State University: College of Pharmacy. Accessed <<insert date data was downloaded>>. Accessible from: http://www.ustur.wsu.edu/database/index.html.

USTUR Pathology Database

>>Download the Access 2007 compatible database: Pathology_Office2007.zip [2 MB]
>>Download the Access 2003 compatible database: Pathology_Office2003.zip [2 MB]

Note: The search engine and buttons in this database utilize macros. Thus the database will not function properly if macros are disabled. To learn more about enabling macros, visit Microsoft's online Office help page: Enable or disable macros in Office documents.

Browse ICD-10 codes by case

>>Browse cases on the web

USTUR Pathology Database Instructions

>>Download USTUR database definitions and instructions: Pathology_ReadMe.doc


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