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primary identifier and details
Select the 'Primary Identifier' and enter 'Details' in a manner that reproduces the nomenclature used in the hard file.

Primary and Secondary Identifiers

The goal of external dosimetry data entry is to reproduce the nomenclature used in the hard file such that a researcher can obtain precise quantity definitions from the OCAS Technical Basis documents. The 'Primary Identifier' and 'Detail' fields work hand-in-hand to accomplish this task. If the hard file uses two or more names to describe the type of radiation or dose, the work site's reporting or compliance dose quantity is the preferred primary identifier (if it is known) and secondary identifiers are listed in the 'Details' field. The primary identifier may be determined from the OCAS Technical Basis documents. Some of the terminology reported in the technical basis documents is summarized as historical nomenclature in Table 1 (deep dose) and Table 2 (shallow dose).

Data Entry


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