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One Oral and Two Poster Presentations at the 2008 Annual Health Physics Society Meeting

Three members of the USTUR/Idaho State University (ISU) Internal Dosimetry Research team gave presentations at the 53rd Annual Health Physics Society Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, July 13-17, 2008. 

Naz Fallahian orally presented her research on the distributions of actinide tissue concentrations and dose rates in USTUR donors, George Tabatadze presented a poster on using the USTUR Case 0102 voxel phantom for external radiation detector response simulation, and Liesl Germann presented a poster that evaluated the NCRP wound model using USTUR plutonium-contaminated wound cases.

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Two ISU Students Graduate/Summer Graduate Research Workshop
7-9-2008 Workshop Photo
ISU/USTUR Working Group - back from the left: Robert Acha, Erika Shelton, Maia Avtandilashvili, Travis Matthews, George Tabatadze, Stacey McCord, Nino Chelidze, Dan Mecham, Kevin Claver, Brian Crawford, Rich Brey, Tony James; front from the left: Naz Fallahian, Liesl Germann.

On July 7-9, 2008 Dr. Tony James and Ms. Stacey McCord conducted a workshop at Idaho State University (ISU) and attended the thesis/dissertation defenses of Naz Fallahian and Liesl Germann.  Ms. Fallahian presented and successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Ms. Germann also presented and successfully defended her master's thesis.

Prior to defending, both Ms. Fallahian and Ms. Germann gave brief presentations of their final work such that USTUR staff could provide necessary feedback. Four students also presented their ongoing research for technical guidance: Nino Chelidze (Ph.D.), George Tabatadze (Ph.D.), Travis Matthews (M.S.), and Dan Mecham (M.S.).

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Graduate Research Workshop at ISU
ISU workshop
ISU/USTUR Working Group – from the left: Nino Chelidze, M.S. (Georgia), Neba Robinson Neba, M.S. (Republic of Camaroon), Maia Avtandilashvili, M.S. (Georgia), George Tabatadze, M.S. (Georgia), Liesl Germann, B.S. (U.S.), Dan Mecham, DoC (U.S.), Naz Fallahian, M.S. (Iran), Travis Matthews, B.S. (U.S.), Erika Shelton, B.S. (U.S.), Rich Brey, Ph.D. (ISU), Stacey McCord, M.S. (WSU/USTUR), Tony James, Ph.D. (WSU/USTUR).  Not shown: Robert Acha, M.S. (Republic of Cameroon).

On February 18-21, 2008, Dr. Tony James (Director) and Ms. Stacey McCord (USTUR Research Associate) conducted a Workshop at Idaho State University, Department of Physics, Pocatello, ID for 10 graduate research students in Health Physics. The students were recruited by Dr. Richard Brey, Physics Professor and Director of ISU's Health Physics Program, to work on collaborative research stemming from the WSU/USTUR project. This student research group grew rapidly (doubled) since its inception in FY 2007. The Workshop reviewed progress in ongoing projects, provided technical guidance for project continuation and completion, and identified specific research topics for this year's new students.

WSU/USTUR provides funding support to one Ph.D. dissertation candidate (Ms. Nino Chelidze, M.S.) and partial support of Dr. Brey’s supervisory work.  ISU Health Physics Department currently funds all other students (through part-time research assistantships).  Four of these students have submitted Abstracts for presentations at the 2008 Health Physics Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA .


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