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The USTUR Database System

The USTUR database is designed to make registrant data readily accessible for analytical and administrative uses. The database was initially written using Microsoft® Access, then converted to MySQL for the purpose of web publication. The current internal database is an SQL database that utilizes Access as a front end.

The USTUR database is composed of eight tables: Admin, Medical, Rad Chem, Health Physics, Clincal, Cause of Death, NHRTR, and Solutions. Personal registrant information such as address, age, date of birth, etc. is stored in the Administrative (Admin) table. To protect registrant privacy, other database tables are linked to Admin by a unique, impersonal case number and contain no identifying information. All eight tables are described below in greater detail.


The Registries staff are actively concerned with the privacy of our registrants and the integrity of our data. Thus the database is password protected and programmed to be highly secure. USTUR data has three levels of security: network, database, and administrative authorizations.

Network security restricts a user's access to the network drive. The network drive allows users to share files with others who possess the same level of access permission.

Database security restricts a user's access to the USTUR database. Most database users have 'read-only' access to the database so that they cannot inadvertantly modify data.

Administrative security restricts the user's ability to edit, add, and delete data from the database. An individual can be granted access to part or all of the database, depending upon his or her responsibilities. Users are only granted administrative access to those database tables for which they are responsible.

Network, database, and administrative privileges vary from person to person depending the level of access needed by the user. These security measures are designed to maintain data integrity and to protect the files from unauthorized access. They are also designed to protect and insure the personal identity and privacy of our registrants.

Database files (Administrative Database)

The database tables are identified as follows:


The Admin database (Form) contains personal information about each registrant such as name, age, sex, worksite and contact information. The registrant's status (inactive, deceased, living) is included and the renewal date indicates when registrants are to be renewed. Each registrant is renewed for a period of 5 years.


The Medical database (Form) contains the medical, occupational, and personal history records as provided by the registrant. History records include information on radiation exposure, chemical exposure, smoking history, employment, and family medical history.

Rad Chem

The Rad Chem database (Form) contains the results from radiochemical analyses of donated tissues. Data includes the analysis laboratory, radionuclide, tissue that was analyzed, sample weight, and analysis results.

Health Physics

The Health-Physics database (Form) contains the each registrant's health physics history. Data is based upon records provided by the worksite and includes the 'medium' (urine, whole body, lung, etc), date of analysis, radionuclide, and measurement results.


The Clinical database (Form) contains the results of clinical tests performed for each registrant while they were alive.

Cause of Death

The Cause of Death database (Form) (Online Database) contains the autopsy and related pathology information for deceased registrants.


The NHRTR database (Form) contains a list of the preserved samples available for each case.


The Solution database (Form) contains a list of the tissue solutions available for each case.

The sample case shown in the forms above, Case #2000, is a ficticious case for illustration purposes only.

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