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Richland Office:
Staff 2012

Washington State University
1845 Terminal Dr. Suite 201
Richland, WA 99354-4959 USA

Phone: 1-509-946-6870
Toll Free: 1-800-375-9317
Fax: 1-509-946-7972

DOE/USTUR Program Manager: Dr. Joey Zhou
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Faculty/Staff Phone Email
Sergei Tolmachev, Director 509-946-6870 stolmachev@wsu.edu
Stacey McComish, Associate in Research 509-946-6870 s.mccomish@wsu.edu
Maia Avtandilashvili, Research Associate 509-946-6870 m.avtandilashvili@wsu.edu
George Tabatadze, Asst. Research Professor 509-943-9902 george.tabatadze@wsu.edu
Margo Bedell, Fiscal Specialist I 509-946-6870 margo.bedell@wsu.edu
Elizabeth Thomas, Laboratory Technician II 509-943-9902 elizabeth.thomas@wsu.edu
Sara Dumit, PhD Candidate 509-946-6870 sara.dumit@wsu.edu



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USTUR, Washington State University, 1845 Terminal Dr. Suite 201, Richland, WA 99354-4959 USA, 1-509-946-6870 or 1-800-375-9317