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Of the USTUR's 272 peer-reviewed publications, 175 can be found in the Web of Science. These articles have been cited 2,216 times. This means that USTUR publications are cited 65 times per year, on average.

Citation data was generated by ResearcherID, which provides citation metrics for Web of Science publications (since 1980).

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FY2010-12 Annual Report

The USTUR's most recent Annual Report covers the period from October 1, 2010 to March 31, 2012. It summarizes organization, activities, and scientific accomplishments of the USTUR including the associated National Human Radiobiology Tissue Repository (NHRTR).

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Standardizing Bioassay Assessments

USTUR applies the UK Health Protection Agency’s (HPA) IMBA Professional Plus (IPP) software to assess actinide intakes in individual Registrant cases – providing rigorous tests of the IPP methodology. See details.

>>Introduction to Internal Dosimetry: Presentation by Dr. Matt Puncher, UK Health Protection Agency (with permission)

>> View Dr. James presentation to NIAID/NIH titled "What We Should Learn from Lifetime Follow-up of U.S. Former Plutonium Workers".
>> View Dr. James presentation "USTUR: The Fifth Decade of Worker Follow-up"
WSU/USTUR receives commendation from DOE's Chief Health Safety and Security Officer

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(since May 17, 2010)

Public Outreach

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Graduate Education

Sharing the USTUR dataset with students to provide meaningful data for dissertations.
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I Want to Give

ACJLearn about opportunities to contribute to the Anthony C. James memorial scholarship or support the USTUR general fund with a tax-deductible gift.

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2014 Advisory Committee Meeting

The 2014 annual Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting was held in Richland, WA on September 5-6. It showcased recent USTUR research and directions for the coming year. Read more.

Notable Scientists

Many prominent scientists in the field of radiation biology have served on the USTUR's Scientific Advisory Committee, including Robley Evans, Patricia Durbin, and Wright Langham, to name a few. Learn more about the advisory committee.

HPS International Collaboration Committee

S.Y. TolmachevGeorge Tabatadze has been appointed as a member of the International Collaboration Committee (ICC) of the  Health Physics Society (HPS). Learn more.

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